FIDLAR @ Punk Rock And Bowling, Las Vegas

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    Formed a couple of years back, weened on a diet of house parties, skateboarding and generally enjoying life to the max, LA’s FIDLAR have come to the fore with their own take on their influences – surfier, faster, more fuzzed out, more personal and almost certainly more drunk than any of them. Live shows have also included tracks by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Warren Zevon and Blink 182 amongst others and does further to enhance their reputation.

    The album, recorded and self-produced at the band’s home studio with mixing duties handled by Rob Schnapf (Elliot Smith, Beck, Guided By Voices) is fourteen slices of insanely catchy and aptly titled punk rock tunes that look set to become favourites over the coming months.

    FIDLAR are the friends that find a beer , scrape the shit off their shoes, and tell you how the hardest thing about waking up late and trying not to fuck up your life is having to do it with no job, no money and everyone bumming your cigarettes.

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